Here’s the dream: walk downtown on a random night and find live music and partner dancing. And it’s not in Cuba or Argentina or even New York City: it’s in State College.
At Fraleigh Dance, we create dance experiences to celebrate and enjoy life together.
What kind of experiences?

Experiences and Events

The stuff you remember is never the thing you do every day. It’s the out-of-the box, unexpected moment. It’s full of surprise and exploration and delight. We aim to create events that bring the best of life with the adventure of dancing. We aim to participate in experiences where dance can be part of the story.

What if I'm new to dance?

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to introduce dancing into your life with lessons are tailored specifically to your learning style, level, and interests. Come by yourself or with your favorite dance partner or group of friends for a fun night out.

Our Partners


  • I had the great pleasure of working with Robbie to learn and refine my ballroom dance at Penn State, and knew I wanted to share the fun of social dancing with guests at my wedding this year. Robbie and his wonderful partner Dana led a workshop during part of the reception to teach guests various swing dance moves, allowing them to be comfortable with the swing music we played and interact with each other in the process. It was a hit, and so many people have told me how much they enjoyed the chance to learn a few dance steps.

    Robbie is able to easily take control of a crowd (without being aggressive or annoying) and has a unique ability to explain even complicated dance steps in a way that others can understand. I highly recommend Fraleigh Dance for both private and group dance coaching

    Megan Staub
    PR Executive, Bride, Social Dancer
  • I have taken both group dance lessons focused on social dancing and private lessons focused on competitive ballroom from Robbie. In a social group setting Robbie (and Dana, who frequently teaches along side Robbie) has a knack for ensuring that everyone is both learning and having fun at all times. In a private setting, Robbie has taken my ballroom dancing from being a mediocre pre-bronze level to ribboning at the silver syllabus level in competition. For those lay to the different ballroom skill levels, it was like an order of magnitude (or two) jump in ability in about two months.

    I consider myself a student of Robbie’s and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

    Justin Valenti
    Mechanical Engineer, Competitive Dancer
  • It’s always a joy and a pleasure to work with Robbie. He teaches to your level whether that is an advanced dancer or someone who’s never danced before. I’ve personally taken both private and group lessons from him and it has always been an enjoyable, yet an efficient, use of my time.

    5 stars for the best dance teacher/coach I’ve had in my 5 years of dancing

    Bekah Russel
    Bovine Veterinary Technician, Competitive Dancer

Meet Fraleigh Dance

Robbie Fraleigh

Owner / Event Director / Instructor

Data scientist working at the intersection of story, strategy, and visualization. Believer that dance can be as natural as walking. Dana’s full-time voice-of-reason and partner, on and off the floor.

Dana Ray

Marketing Director / Storyteller / Wordsmith

Why Finder. Storyteller. Big picture driven. All about the feels and getting your story out on the floor. Robbie’s full-time translator and partner, on and off the floor.

Want to integrate social dancing into your favorite hangout spot?

Send us an email. We'd love to talk.