What we do at Fraleigh Dance

Here’s the dream: walk downtown on a random night and find live music and partner dancing. And it’s not in Cuba or Argentina or even New York City: it’s in State College.

We started Fraleigh Dance as a way to bring something we love (dance) to a place we love (State College). We wanted to challenge common narratives about College Towns– the high turnover rate, the brain drain, the take and leave attitudes–and build dynamic, creative spaces where people from all backgrounds could enjoy life together.

In dance, we found a strong human connection, so strong that when we thought about moving, we decided to stick around and launch the dance scene we’ve always dreamed of in the streets we walk each day. 


We accomplish our mission in three ways:

Event Design

Add dance and you’ll have an experience you won’t forget, that tells a meaningful story about a place. See our work with Keystone Dancesport Classic and Camp Westie.

Private Lessons

Lessons are lighthearted, zero-stress spaces for you to learn the kind of movement you’ve always wanted to try. Perfect for making new friends or enjoying old ones.

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Giving Back

A big part of our work is creating dance communities in State College. To do that, we offer group lessons series for West Coast Swing. Visit StateCollegeWesties.com to learn more.

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